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Operating Sustainably

Our operational footprint spans more than 190 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and the Bahamas. We purchase and deliver food and nonfood products and other supplies to our more than 425,000 customers through a fleet of approximately 7,500 delivery trucks.

Improving the environmental impact of our operations is important to us – it benefits both the environment and our bottom line. We use proven technologies to continuously improve resource efficiencies in our logistics chain and in our warehouses. As we continue to refine our strategy, we will explore opportunities to set operational efficiency targets.


Environmental Sustainability Management

We are committed to running our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. As part of our strategy to improve productivity in all areas of our business, we focus on reducing energy use across our operations.
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Moving Our Products

A large part of our business involves the movement of products by road and rail. There is significant potential to reduce our negative environmental impacts by improving resource efficiency across our inbound and outbound freight, as well as in our warehouses.
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Warehouse & Distribution Centers

Although much of our energy use results from moving freight to and from our customers and suppliers, our warehouses and redistribution centers are responsible for a significant amount of energy use, through the use of forklift and pallet trucks, lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration units that store food.
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