Environmental Sustainability Management

We are committed to running our operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

As part of our strategy to improve productivity in all areas of our business, we have worked to reduce energy use across our operations since 2006, and each of our Broadline companies has received an energy goal for 2015. We also implemented a comprehensive recycling program in FY2014 to remove recyclables from our solid waste stream, lower disposal costs and increase our recycling tonnage and revenues.

In addition, our specialty produce company, FreshPoint, has begun testing a new technology in two of its locations that converts soft food waste into “grey water” and can be sent through wastewater lines onsite. No extra handling or transportation is required. Currently, each machine is processing about 3,000 pounds per day which results in over one million pounds annually per location that would otherwise go to a landfill.

Energy Management

More than 100 Sysco Broadline and SYGMA warehouse and redistribution facilities lie at the heart of our operations and are a focus of our activities to improve environmental performance. Working with energy management consultants Cascade Energy Inc. since 2006 to reduce energy use through monitoring, more efficient processes, equipment upgrades and associate training, we have achieved $185 million in total avoided energy costs across 111 facilities, including two corporate sites.

By the end of FY2014, our warehouse efficiency initiatives had generated energy savings of nearly 40 percent since our baseline year of 2006, exceeding our goal of 34 percent. These initiatives target improvements in the efficiency of existing operations and equipment upgrades, including refrigeration and lighting.