Key Statistics


Sourcing Our Food Sustainably and Responsibly

Supplier Diversity

Safety and Healthy Products

In FY2014 Sysco's Quality Assurance team completed plant audits, visits and plant or field inspections at more than 1,700 locations to monitor our suppliers' and our owned companies' food safety and quality programs.

Animal Welfare

In CY2013, we also strengthened our existing standards to include farm audit criteria for pork and veal.


Environmental Sustainability Management

Our warehouse efficiency initiatives have generated energy savings of nearly 40 percent since our baseline year, exceeding our goal of 34 percent.

Measured in kWh per 1,000 ft3 of weighted warehouse space, where weighting accounts for the relative energy intensity of freezers, coolers and dry storage.


Diversity and Inclusion

Workforce Diversity FY2014

  • Total US Associates - 40,277
  • The total population of Sysco's US workforce by gender was 79% percent male and 21% percent female. Women represented 23% percent of management-level positions, which we define as Director-level and above.
  • People of color constituted 35% percent of Sysco's US workforce and represented 19% of management-level positions, which we define as Director-level and above.
  • Across the Sysco Enterprise, women represented 25% and people of color represented 12% of the sales force.

Safety and Risk Management


In FY2014, we supported the communities in which we live and work with $8.3 million in cash and in-kind donations. Nearly 44 percent of our donations were directed toward hunger relief efforts.