Health and Nutrition

Our customers increasingly need nutritional information about the food we supply. With a range of nutritional analysis services that can be executed by laboratories, software programs or registered dietitians, we are working to help customers comply with new FDA regulations that require them to provide calorie information on all menu items and other nutritional information upon request. (The ruling, which takes effect on May 7, 2018, applies to chain restaurants and similar retail food establishments with 20 or more locations.)

We also address the health and nutrition of our offerings through a variety of tools and programs.

Sysco's interactive, web-based eNutrition tool provides product nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information about foods we supply. Designed to help customers search a large product database to create, analyze, print and e-mail their own custom recipes or menus, it provides inputs that may be helpful in determining the total nutritional content of prepared menu items. eNutrition also assists school nutrition professionals with meal pattern regulatory governance as part of the National School Lunch and National School Breakfast programs.


The Sysco Healthy and Positive Eating (SHAPE) program provides education, tools and resources to our customers and their patrons in support of a balanced approach to enjoying food. SHAPE helps our customers gain insight into the items they may incorporate into their recipes to build healthy menu offerings.

SHAPE provides a comprehensive gluten-free toolkit, responding to industry trends, customer needs and FDA food labeling regulations. Designed to educate customers and associates about a gluten-free diet, the toolkit includes a gluten-free product listing (updated quarterly), a gluten-free catalog, training materials and additional resources.

In both 2015 and 2016, Sysco and its specialty produce company FreshPoint were recognized with Produce for Better Health (PBH) Foundation’s prestigious Role Model award. The annual award recognizes public and private organizations for outstanding efforts in increasing the visibility, recognition and impact of the “Fruits & Veggies—More Matters” national health campaign.

PBH recognized Sysco as an industry leader in communicating the importance of daily consumption of fruits and vegetables with our customers and associates, using resources like the Sysco Healthy and Positive Eating (SHAPE) eNewsletter, fruit baskets at Sysco Corporate’s Food Truck Fridays, placing the “Fruits & Veggies—More Matters” logo on approved packaging and in general, advocating for PBH and its mission.


Since 2013, Sysco has been the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) endorsed distribution partner supporting the Kids LiveWell℠ program. This healthy eating initiative, developed by the NRA, aims to provide families with nutritional guidance and foodservice operators with a growing selection of healthful kids’ menu choices. Through Kids LiveWell (KLW), Sysco is creating innovative recipes currently offered at more than 42,000 locations nationwide, including restaurants, resorts, theme parks, museums and 88 Air Force installations.

In 2016, Sysco participated in a KLW program across the U.S. Air Force’s 88 installations nationwide, helping children ages 3-18 learn the importance of nutrition.The Air Force joined the Kids LiveWell initiative through a partnership with Sysco. Then working together with the NRA, the KLW menu offerings were tailored to meet the particular needs of the military installations and the thousands of families they help sustain.

To launch the initiative, three family-oriented events were held at Air Force bases JBSA-Lackland, Randolph and Fort Sam Houston in the San Antonio area and featured food demonstrations by Sysco Central Texas Chef Dustin Alexander, along with nutrition seminars and interactive games to encourage healthy eating habits. Around 400 parents and children, from preschoolers to teenagers, participated in the events.

“Kids LiveWell demonstrates to kids that healthy eating can be fun and tasty at the same time,” said Valerie Hoover, RD LD, Manager-Health & Wellness, who manages the Kids LiveWell program for Sysco. “As importantly, if we can help teach families how to make healthier food choices, while equipping foodservice operators to easily incorporate nutritious, kid-friendly recipes into their menu offerings, we’re on the right track to making a positive difference with children’s health.” Ms. Hoover explained the particular focus on increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low-fat dairy, and limiting unhealthy fats, sugars and sodium. In keeping with this, Sysco created a custom cookbook featuring kid-friendly and health-conscious recipes. Chef Dustin used these recipes during his food demonstrations and all attendees went home with the cookbook and tips on how to prepare a number of the recipes.

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