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Supplying Food Responsibly

Sourcing Our Food Sustainably & Responsibly

We are committed to supplying food that meets high standards of safety, quality and environmental stewardship. We work with our suppliers, industry partners and nonprofit and research organizations to improve sustainability standards in our supply chain and across the food industry.



About Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain covers more than 40 countries including more than 400 minority- and women-owned businesses. All suppliers are expected to meet our high ethical, environmental and food safety standards.
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Local Sourcing

Our local sourcing initiative aims to increase the sourcing of specialty and seasonal products. We have local food programs in all Broadline and FreshPoint companies supporting small-scale farmers and producers.
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Sustainable Agriculture

We encourage sustainable agricultural practices among suppliers of our Sysco Brand canned and frozen fruit and vegetables. Our Integrated Pest Management program aims to protect farmers and the environment.
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Animal Welfare

We are committed to treating animals humanely. This includes upholding high welfare standards during all phases of the production cycle for Sysco Brand animal products.
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Sustainable Seafood

We are making good progress toward our goal to source our top 10 Sysco Brand wild-caught seafood species from sustainable fisheries by 2015.
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Social Compliance

We expect all our suppliers to meet the high standards set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct, and Sysco Brand suppliers in high-risk areas undergo third-party assessments to ensure our standards are met.
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