Diversity & Inclusion

At Sysco, we have much to be proud of – including our growth over several decades and the culture we have built to enable our success. However, we also recognize that our customers, our associates and the business landscape are evolving. To ensure our continued success and maintain competitive advantage, we must understand where we have been and what lies ahead - and adjust to compete successfully in the future. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) are now critical components to driving business results. Sysco is taking many targeted actions to increase the focus on Diversity and Inclusion.


  • Total US Associates – 43,138
  • The total population of Sysco's US workforce by gender was 79 percent male and 21 percent female. Women represented 23 percent of management-level positions, which we define as Director-level and above.
  • People of color constituted 40 percent of Sysco's US workforce and represented 22 percent of management-level positions, which we define as Director-level and above.
  • Across the Sysco Enterprise, women represented 26 percent and people of color represented 15 percent of our sales force.


In December 2015, we convened a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council to evaluate current state and to advise on a strategic plan.

The Work of the Council:

  • Learn about external and internal D&I realities and business impact
  • Provide insights to the Sysco D&I roadmap strategies, programs and priorities
  • Guide the pacing and sequencing of specific programs and activities for the next three years
  • Align on specific success measures


As a result of the D & I Advisory Council recommendations, action committees have been established to execute the initiatives outlined in a three year strategic plan. In FY2017, efforts are focused on building a solid foundation and include:

  • Learning and Development
    • Awareness training: Building awareness of D&I and related topics via unconscious bias training
    • Mentoring: Providing tools aimed at supporting the development of women and people of color
    • Accountability: Tracking implementation of activities and progress
    • Processes: Building D&I into key processes such as Business Reviews and Talent Reviews
  • Talent Acquisition
    • Sales Pipeline: Working with OpCos to identify new community relationships that will support diverse pipelines of strong talent
    • Military Hiring: Leveraging military contacts to hire more veterans
  • Partnership
    • Partner Support: Continuing existing work with key partners such as suppliers and Women’s Foodservice Forum


Women and minority suppliers have been a source of innovative products and services to Sysco as we continue to broaden our supply base. For more details, read about our Supplier Diversity program.