Engaging Our Associates

We create an open, positive culture by collecting associate feedback through an annual survey, reporting back to employees at companywide meetings, and maintaining good relations with unions.

Sysco Speaks, our annual companywide survey, offers our associates an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback and put forward ideas to improve engagement and overall business performance. In FY2014, 85 percent of associates participated, with results indicating a continued sense of pride and commitment among Sysco associates and a desire for increased communication from company leaders. Our overall associate engagement score was 67 percent, a number that is trending upward, indicating greater engagement from our employees.

Senior leaders communicated the survey results to all associates through town hall meetings, and local leaders met with their respective teams to review feedback. Together, leaders and associates created action plans, which will help improve associate engagement across the company. Each quarter, teams come together to discuss action plan progress, and share best practices and successes. Following these sessions, a best practice guide was distributed to leaders after receiving information from operating companies with high engagement scores.

We also provide channels for associates to express concerns. Please see Reporting Concerns.

At the end of FY2014, approximately 17 percent of our associates were represented by collective bargaining agreements, which are subject to negotiation at various expiration dates. Contract negotiations are handled by each individual operating company. Our policy is to negotiate in good faith with various unions regarding wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment at locations where associates have chosen to be represented by a union.