Government Relations and Public Policy

Our public policy activity covers a number of issues, including food safety; animal welfare, including cage-free egg production and movement away from the use of gestation crates in swine production; labor rights, workers' compensation and occupational safety; and transportation.

To help achieve business, legislative and regulatory goals on these issues, we maintain membership in our industry trade association, the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA). Sysco is a member of the IFDA Board of Directors and participates in meetings of the IFDA Government Relations and Food Safety Committees, among other panels. We also belong to the National Association of Wholesalers (NAW), a trade association whose members engage in distribution of a great variety of products, including food. Finally, we adopt an independent approach to public policy issues to complement our participation in IFDA and NAW.

In order to better protect the interests of the company and our stockholders, we have determined to be more active in public policy debates. To that end, we established a formal government relations program during FY2013 to

  • Monitor legislative and regulatory actions on matters beyond those covered by trade association activity;
  • Increase awareness among federal policymakers of Sysco, our business footprint and our economic impact;
  • Broaden the presence of the company within the federal government by interacting with congressional committees and staff as well as Administration staff as necessary; and
  • Position Sysco as a leading resource in areas such as food safety, nutrition and quality assurance.