Letter from the CEO

Employing sustainable business practices is foundational to the vision we have for Sysco-to be our customer's most valued and trusted business partner.

Ensuring the safety and quality specifications of our food and related products has always been a top priority for Sysco. Over the past decade we have identified and acted upon numerous opportunities, to both broaden and deepen the impact of our portfolio of sustainability initiatives. All of our work in this area is predicated on the promise that employing sound environmental practices and supporting the communities in which we work and live provides value to our customers, strengthens supplier relationships, enhances Sysco's culture and is in the best interest of our shareholders.

Underscoring this commitment, we recently appointed Catherine Kayser as Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, who will lead the development of enterprise-wide strategies to ensure that we conduct our business in a socially responsible manner and further develop the company's sustainability strategy. Catherine brings more than 20 years of Sysco experience to her new role, as well as a personal passion to effect meaningful change in this area.

Our efforts and achievements encompass three areas of focus: Food, Operations and Community.


  • As we continue our efforts to increase the positive impact of our industry leading Integrated Pest Management Program, our program standards now include enhancements to protect bee populations.
  • We have made significant progress toward our goal of sustainably sourcing our top 10 wild-caught Sysco Brand seafood species by the end of 2015.
  • Our FreshPoint locations introduced software in FY2014 that enables them to track purchases of local food products for our customers quickly and easily.


  • Since our baseline year of 2006, our warehouse efficiency initiatives have generated energy savings of nearly 40 percent.
  • We launched a recycling program that was fully implemented in all U.S. Broadline operating companies by the end of calendar year 2014. In the pilot market, the program led to a 75% increase in recycled materials.


  • Our purchases from minority- and women-owned suppliers more than doubled from FY2006 to FY2014, growing from $400 million to $925 million.
  • Sysco contributed more than $8 million in FY2014 to non-profit organizations that promote hunger relief, education and development, agricultural and environmental sustainability and health and community outreach.
  • We have contributed more than $5 million to the national organization Share Our Strength since 2002.

Opportunities to enhance sustainability through improved business practices exists in all segments, functions and geographies of our business. Accordingly, our sustainability efforts are far-reaching and have been integrated into our business operations and activities throughout Sysco. We are pleased with our progress, over the past few years, and are committed to continuous improvement in the years to come in a manner that will provide meaningful value to all of our stakeholders.

Bill DeLaney
President and Chief Executive Officer
August 2015