Sysco Responsibility

Sysco has embraced corporate social responsibility throughout its history, beginning with long-standing commitments to continuous improvements in food safety and distribution chain efficiency.

We believe our corporate social responsibility approach must generate processes and goals that can be embedded in our operations, supporting our mission to market and deliver great products with exceptional service. Everywhere we operate, guiding principles for corporate social responsibility influence our conduct:

  • We are committed to ensuring a reliable and safe supply of food that meets the evolving needs of our customers;
  • We are committed to creating positive change in our organization, the environment and the communities we serve, a commitment that ultimately enhances the value of our business;
  • We focus our sustainability efforts and community engagement to achieve strategic and positive impacts on the food service industry;
  • Our sustainability programs are based on sound science and have meaningful metrics. We are committed to communicating our results.

We have identified three aspects of our business where the potential impact is greatest and the best opportunities exist to improve sustainability within our company.


We are committed to the well-being of the communities affected by our business, including our customers, associates, suppliers and patrons who frequent our customers' outlets.


We adopt the best practices of the industry to supply food and other products that meet high standards of safety, quality, traceability, environmental stewardship and economic sustainability.


We use proven technologies to continuously improve resource efficiency across our distribution system of warehouses, refrigeration and modes of transportation.